We R Self Storage Plus - Secure and Reliable CCTV Installation by Elite Surveillance

Advanced Security Solutions for Modern Storage Facilities

Elite Surveillance, a premier installation firm specializing in low-voltage electronics and wiring for businesses and residences, is pleased to highlight our latest CCTV installation job at the We R Self Storage Plus facility in Rexburg, Idaho. Our professional team worked tirelessly to offer a customized, cutting-edge security solution tailored to the storage facility's specific requirements.

Project Overview: To safeguard the safety of its clients' goods, the Self Storage facility requires a robust security system. Our expert team built and installed a network of high-resolution CCTV cameras to cover the entire facility's grounds. We used cutting-edge technology and novel ways to provide continuous video transmission to the network video recorder (NVR) and to solve site layout constraints.

Camera Specifications: To produce crystal-clear footage and complete coverage for the Self Storage project, we used cameras with an 8-megapixel 4K sensor and a wide-angle 108-degree viewing angle. Our meticulously planned camera installation meant that every part of the storage facility was monitored, providing the client's goods with maximum security.

To meet the facility's particular requirements, we used fiber optic cabling for extra-long runs, underground conduit runs for video transmission, and wireless network links in regions where there was no physical pathway. We also used industrial-grade distributed network equipment, such as fully locked, weather-resistant enclosures, designed for harsh environments.

Self Storage Plus in Rexburg now has top-of-the-line security thanks to Elite Surveillance. Their team provided exceptional service and installed a state-of-the-art CCTV system that keeps our customers' belongings safe and secure. - We R Self Storage Facility Manager

Elite Surveillance's attention to detail and expertise are unmatched. The high-quality cameras they installed at our storage facility have elevated our security and provided peace of mind for our customers. - Self Storage Plus Facility Owner

The successful project at the Self Storage Plus facility in Rexburg, Idaho, exemplifies Elite Surveillance's commitment to providing customized, advanced security solutions for small businesses and residential customers throughout southern Idaho and western Wyoming. Our comprehensive range of services, which includes CCTV installation, security systems, access control systems, low-voltage wiring, and paging systems, ensures that your property is protected by the most advanced technology and service available. Call Elite Surveillance today to learn more about how our professional crew can protect your property.