The Future in CCTV Tech H265+

Hikvision announces a new line of cameras featuring its latest compression technology: H.265+. This advanced compression captures surveillance video using a decreased bitrate, reducing bandwidth requirements and storage costs. Hikvision's H.265+ is a truly optimized encoding technology based on the standard H.265/HEVC compression, extending the limits of ultra-HD video surveillance applications. This new line of cameras includes 2-MP, 3-MP, 5-MP, and 8-MP resolution models. Also new is the improved IR technology EXIR 2.0 along with new low-light technology, 120 dB WDR, Smart analytics, and IP67 protection. Hikvision continues to advance industry technology with the Art of Video Surveillance. 

  • Vandal Resistant Dome Camera
  • Bullet Camera
  • High Power IR Bullet Camera
  • Mini Dome Camera with Audio
  • Cube Camera with Audio
  • Fisheye Camera With Audio


The H.265+ compression protocol takes a picture of the stable environment, uses it as a background frame and focuses only on the moving objects. When there is a disruption in the surveillance area, H265+ takes picture of the moving object and uses it as the reference frame. If the object keeps moving, the system only adds the moving objects data. 

Hikvision H265+ compression Example

Hikvision presents H.265+ encoder which is an unmatched technology in the surveillance industry. H.265+ is based on H.265 /HEVC encoders with the same resolution but requires much less bandwidth and storage capacity. It extends the application of the ultra HD video in video surveillance, such as 8MP and 12MP devices. It is going to play a significant role in cutting the storage cost and promoting the ultra-HD video popularity. 


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