Access Control

Cloud-Based Access Control Solutions

The Final Evolution of access control is here, the cloud-based solution.

Cloud-based access control delivers all the benefits of an on-premises solution while minimizing its limitations. It's a simpler, more convenient and more flexible solution - just like other cloud-based services like banking, email, work collaboration, and document management.

Now you're able to secure and control multiple locations from a browser or mobile device, revoke access credentials whenever it's needed, and view live or recorded video from any facility, regardless of location.

Ultimately, this flexibility means greater facility security as well, With a cloud-based solution, an administrator can respond to any security event at any facility anywhere in the world.

Simply Better Access Control

  • Low Expense:
    • Minimal hardware investment;
    • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Simpler to Install and Operate:
    • No servers to house;
    • Minimal IT involvement
  • Unlimited Scalability:
    • Add doors, offices, buildings, sites in any number, anywhere in the world
  • Improved Security:
    • System security and software always up-to-date; data securely backed-up and stored; 
    • credentials can be granted and revoked anywhere, immediately
  • Improved, simplified compliance:
    • Individual entries and exits are recorded for audit trail, can be linked with recorded video
  • Unlimited Flexibility:  
    • An administrator can secure or open doors at any facility from anywhere via browser or mobile device; security functionality and access data available for import/export via API