Advanced Technology

Advantages of Advanced Security Camera Systems

Today's environment is challenging, competitive, and filled with hazards.  It is essential for home & businesses owners to protect themselves against internal and external theft, fire, and accidents.  Elite Surveillance provides the answer to those seeking to protect their assets and their people.  From small residential houses to large commercial warehouses to restaurants and office spaces, Elite specializes in flexible surveillance solutions for residential & commercial applications - large and small.

The Advantages of Digital IP-Cameras

IP-based (networked) cameras are the future of video surveillance.  Instead of sending video over a coax cable to a video recorder, IP-cameras send data (video, analytics, system info, controls, etc) over a network cable, and the video streams can be combined and viewed on a webpage.   Networked IP cameras provide a host of advantages over old-fashioned analog systems:


  • HDTV and Megapixel cameras provide the ultimate in high-def viewing
  • EXIR illumination and onboard image processing results in superior night capabilities
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras allow the user to actively control the camera from anywhere
  • Easily integrates with existing systems



  • Future-proof - open source network architecture for long-term viability and growth
  • Scalable and flexible - IP-based security camera systems are infinitely expandable and multipurpose
  • Cost effective - no dedicated DVR needed, and adding cameras is easy
  • View Remotely - Can be securely viewed from anywhere in the world