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Advantages of Advanced Security Camera Systems

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Today's business environment is challenging, competitive, and filled with hazards.  It is essential for businesses to protect themselves against internal and external theft, fire, and accidents.  Elite Surveillance's security technologies provide the answer to businesses seeking to protect their assets and their people.  From large warehouses and manufacturing floors to restaurants and office spaces, Elite Surveillance specializes in flexible surveillance solutions for commercial applications - large and small - so owners can focus on growing their business.

Elite Surveillance makes implementing a smart, scalable business security system easy and affordable.

Security Cameras Systems - A Great Investment

A business' purpose is to make money, and Elite Surveillance's security cameras help them do just that by keeping costs down and money in the bank. Losses, whether from theft, shrinkage, incidents, or fraudulent claims, cut into profit margins and reduce productivity.  A well-designed surveillance system helps reduce loss risk while also mitigating liability, verifying compliance with regulations, and reducing insurance premiums.  The return on investment (ROI) produced by a modern security camera system is substantial.

Common CCTV Applications for Businesses

  • Monitor cash and assets
  • Review warehouse and factory processes
  • Quickly identify and initiate a response to incidents
  • Provide legal documentation of incidents
  • Assist managers with productivity
  • Alert responsible individuals of activity after hours
  • Significantly reduce shrinkage
  • Improve staff and customer security
  • People counting
  • Heat source detection and true Infrared video recording
  • Face detection integrated with Access Control
  • License plate capture

Security Camera Systems Designed For Business

Our design engineers are responsive to our clients' needs.  They take the time to learn each business' unique challenges, help define the functional objectives of the system, and then design a security solution that is reliable, effective, and able to adapt and grow with the business.

Elite Surveillance uses only the highest quality, field-tested equipment made by the leading manufacturers in the industry.  Our designers and installers are manufacturer certified to ensure each project is done right, the first time.

The business world today is moving forward faster than ever, and every advantage counts.  Count on Elite Surveillance to provide the security, operational oversight, and liability protection you need to gain additional productivity and profitability.  When it comes to commercial security objectives, Elite Surveillance delivers.

Security Camera Technology Applications for Business

Technology is advancing rapidly, and the surveillance industry is on the cutting edge.  Today, there are multitudes of exciting advances that give IP security cameras and commercial operators greater peace of mind.  Hidden cameras can capture facial details with amazing accuracy while being resistant to vandalism.  Modern PTZ cameras are equipped with HDTV sensors and zoom lenses which provide the ability to capture incredible detail. Additionally, software is capable of real-time analytics, alerts via email and text, and storage system management.  Elite Surveillance only uses hardware based on open standards to ensure our customer's investments will be supported and expandable long term. Elite Surveillance's team of experts know the surveillance and networking field inside and out, and their expertise will provide you with a high-quality, versatile system that will effectively serve for years.